The Yoga of Piano 2023

A Music Development Course that incorporates Mindfulness Meditation, Improvisational Exercises, Music Theory, Keyboard Technique, Arranging and more to assist you in composing the songs and sounds that emanate from the music that is living inside of you.

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January - March 2023

 We begin January 14th 
Level 1 and 2 are both 6 weeks in duration with one group lecture class on Saturdays 11am PST  and one group practice class Thursday 11am PST.  
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When the Traditional Approach Doesn't Work...

After almost 25 years of coaching thousands of piano students, I've certainly seen it all. I've learned that the traditional way of learning the piano, which involves reading music and drilling the classics, doesn't always work for everyone. Don’t get me wrong. I do think there’s a ton of merit in a solid music foundation based on learning to read music and studying the classical composers. One thing this initial path did not teach me however, is how to improvise and make my own music. After my traditional music school experience and going through a transformation in my own playing afterward, I developed a passion for helping people who desire to play piano and learn music theory without having to read music first. Once some confidence and exploration is achieved, learning to read won’t be so daunting if you so choose to take that path.

Time to connect with your inner sound!

You will ignite (or rekindle) your love for the piano through a series of improvisational playing meditations and a healthy dose of music theory to help you find your way around the keyboard. You will tap into your intuition and experience a new found freedom to explore. Playing music has profound effects on the body, mind and spirit and in particular on the brain’s neuroplasticity and cognitive function. Playing music is a full brain (and body) experience!

Just like a Yoga Class, there will be exercises with modifications and bonus challenges for more advanced players. Each class will build upon the following categories:


Exercises that get you playing with a certain music concept, series of notes or technique in mind. Exploration without judgement


Dexterity exercises, two-handed playing practice, repetitive patterns to gain greater flexibility, and proper finger techniques

Music Theory
Nuts and Bolts

Musicianship terms and concepts key to playing the piano or any instrument. Scales, chords, arpeggios and more!


Arranging your Ideas into a complete compositions using all the fragments and explorations in the lessons

In the Level 1 Course We Cover:

*Mindfulness meditation exercises to get in the zone

*Keyboard technique

*Simple improvisation starters

*Rhythm fundamentals

*Basic music theory concepts

*Common chord progressions

*Basic arranging

*The blues form

… and more!

In the Level 2 Course we Expand on the First 6 weeks:

*Mindfulness rituals for practice

*More improvisational games and approaches

*Major, minor and modal keys and scales

*Expanded keyboard technique exercises

*Song arranging and structured improvisation

*Developing your style

*Finished original composition or improvisation

…and more!

After both courses you will have acquired:

  • Tons of ideas and approaches to help you practice and drop into a creative zone
  • More confidence with your piano skills and knowledge
  • Music theory knowledge toolbox
  • New musical ideas to play, practice and expand on
  • An online course portal to refer to videos, resources and ask questions
  • At least one new finished composition to play for yourself and your friends 
  • Inspiration from the group journey and experience…. And more!

No experience necessary. It will be more fun if you at least have a 49 keyboard controller and of course a full size piano is recommended. Either analog or digital.

Need a keyboard? Download my resource list!

Master Classes Included with 2 Keyboard Luminaries 

Daniel Berkman

Daniel Berkman is a San Francisco-based composer, multi-instrumentalist, electronic musician, looper, producer, film and dance score composer and innovator of electro-acoustic music. As a keyboardist Daniel’s approach is rich harmonically and improvisatory in nature. Whether he’s performing, composing for film or dance or accompanying modern and ballet dance classes, he creates a magical sound world unique to him. We will be discussing our piano duo project Hammer Inventions and his unique approach to improvising and composing on keyboards on of all kinds! This will be an amazing class with a musical genius. 

Brooke Lizotte

Brooke is a pianist, songwriter, recordist and producer who has an accomplished career in studio projects, film and television music. His has worked with notable artists Jennifer Hudson, Christina Aguilera, Randy Meisner (The Eagles) and others and played on soundtracks for Sex in the City, Shots Fired and upcoming Paramount Pictures film release 'Infinite.' Brooke is truly dedicated to his craft as a 'multi-keyboardist' and does morning live streams on Facebook weekly with his eclectic mix of original compositions, personal favorites and collaborative works. This will be an enlightening master class!

Introductory Piano Yoga Class

Peek inside an introductory class featuring some of Lynda's favorite exercises to get you playing right away! Lynda teaches from her studio on a Yamaha G2 grand piano. 

In this introductory class I cover:

  • My journey from classically trained musician to improviser
  • How my practice of sound healing & meditation influences my playing now
  • The geography of the keyboard 
  • Meditative playing exercises 
  • Basic music theory and musicianship concepts 
Next Free Live Intro Classes Dec 3rd and 15th

Susan Carpenito

Lynda is a wonderful teacher! Very knowledgeable about the piano...a true musician. Lynda explained concepts very well, and did a nice job given the constraints of virtual learning. The organization of the course was great, as was the yoga methodology that inspired the class. I really enjoyed it!

Janitha Banda

The piano was the first instrument I fell in love with. Lynda's course brought me back in touch with my favorite instrument and 15 years later I can suddenly improvise from my heart, without reading notes and my fingers remember all the skills from back then. I am so grateful for you and this course. <3

Laura Mische

This course is pro level! Lynda's style of teaching is comfortable for beginners and advanced students. The concepts are immersive and the content extensive. Her sounds are beautiful, inspiring, and encouraging. Much thought, time and effort has been put into this course and is well worth it.

Yoga of Piano Level 1

$897.00 USD
Yoga of Piano Level 2

$897.00 USD
Yoga of Piano Level 1 & 2

$1,697.00 USD

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