Devotional Voice

The most comprehensive introductory immersion for learning vocal practices for meditation, opening the voice, creative vocal exploration, and spiritual practice.


Are You Ready?

Are you ready to dive deeper into the resonance and power of your own voice for self-healing, meditation and contemplation? Now is a great time to commit to gaining new skills, insights and connection to your deeper soul’s mission and calling. Our voice is one of the vehicles we can use to connect to our body, mind, and spirit.

I often meet people who want to sing more, use their voice and feel more free to express themselves but feel blocked. Others have had the experience of being dismissed or discouraged from doing so in one way or another. It’s time to dismantle those old programs and hesitations and truly embrace your own sound!

Learning vocal meditations, medicine songs and chanting is a wonderful way to connect with our own sound and to learn to love the sounds we make that are available to us at any moment.

A bird doesn't need permission to sing, it just sings.
I invite you to explore and feel free!

The Devotional Voice Course plan of action unfolds in 4 main sections to guide you on a path to vocal freedom through mindfulness singing

The Breath

Breath release and strengthening exercises

The Vocal Toning

Vocal toning methods, exercises, and guided meditations

Free Singing

Explore spontaneous melodic singing with emphasis on selected scales and ragas

The Mantra

Introduction to Sanskrit mantras, medicine songs, and building your own custom affirmations

Welcome to Your Vocal and Mindfulness Evolution

~Develop a stronger and more focused singing voice.~

~Bring these practices into your Yoga, Healing Sessions or other Empowerment Groups.~

~Sing with more confidence and ease from the heart, not the old programming of the mind!~

~Have access to direct vocal mantra and mindfulness practices that will increase the power of your meditations.~

~Feel more overall emotional and mental balance.~

~Ignite your musical creativity as you develop your practice.~


After leading thousands of people, in groups and individually, in devotional voice sessions with these techniques over the past decade in top corporate, festival and studio environments, I can say with confidence that there is a breakthrough that happens in individuals in regards to their vocal development, strength and connection to their authentic sound.

-Your Guide, Lynda Arnold

Photo from the Sonic Devas Divine Feminine Sound Meditation Experience at St. Johns Cathedral.

Let's Explore the Vowel AH - The Sound for the Heart Center

In the Devotional Voice Course we explore the practice of Vocal Toning which is singing a note or simple seed sound all the way out on the breath.

Drop in with me as we explore the Heart Opening sound 'AH'.


Brooke Lowe Johnson

“Lynda’s devotional voice training is magical. I have participated several times, in different formats (both in-person and online), and took away new knowledge and confidence each time. She shares expert knowledge in how to breathe, warm up your voice, and use your voice wisely, then facilitates so many cool exercises including vocal toning, chants, and mantras. Prior to working with Lynda, my singing was limited to singing in the car ALONE. After taking Lynda’s voice classes, I was ready to vocalize in front of others and even lead groups in chants and mantra. My voice is now my favorite instrument in my sound baths! ”

Caroline Campbell

Lynda’s devotional voice class was a wonderful way to tune in daily, along with an amazing group also looking to connect, deepen and express more through voice.  I really enjoyed the diverse material she brought to the sessions, including vocal exercises, toning, mantras, along with her encouraging, energetic energy that inspires all to sing.  From these teachings, I’ve already begun utilizing mantras and vocal toning as part of my daily meditative and sound healing practice.  Thank you Lynda!

Adesh Pritam Kaur

Honored for you to have been my teacher. I upgraded during your Devotional Voice Workshop. It was so beautiful to be among like-minded souls and with such divine guidance. You are generous and a genuine healer. Thank you for bringing your heart to what you do so beautifully. I learned and added so much to my daily practices. It’s been a true blessing for me that I will share  with my students. Sat Nam Ji! 

Are you Ready to Fall in Love with Your Voice?

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