Leading Sound Healing Arts Expert, Sonic Wellness Architect and Professional Musician & Producer Lynda Arnold aka Divasonic Presents:

Sound Meditation Design


Tap into the Power of Sound to Inspire and Heal the World


Become an embodied, connected and trusted Sound Meditation Facilitator in the most exciting, multidisciplinary field in the Healing Arts!




Are you excited about using the power of sound for the transformation and well-being of others?

If you’ve been feeling like you want to develop more confidence leading groups while expanding your skills and knowledge in the healing realm of music, this is the perfect place to launch your vision!  It’s time to elevate your energy and your offering using the power of sound as your guide to heal and transform your communities. You will connect more deeply on the soul level with sound and music while learning how to bring this transformation to others.  

Next Group Mentorship Training Begins on September 13, 2023 with our Orientation and Introductions.  Website portal will be available on September 1st 

This is a virtual training you can join from anywhere in the world.  For students local to Los Angeles, I will also be having group instrument playshops in the fall during the training.


Apply for Private or Group Fall 2024 Mentorship

Are you the next transformational sound meditation designer?

  • YOU are brand new to this field and want to jumpstart your knowledge in the most divine way
  • YOU absolutely love music and have no idea where to start in your journey to heal with sound
  • YOU always felt a call to develop your relationship to music and sound and serve others
  • YOU are a sound practitioner looking for new ideas and approaches and to ‘level up’ your sound healing offerings
  • YOU are a musician or recording artist wanting to dive deeper into the metaphysics and concepts around using sound for meditative environments
  • YOU are a nurse, psychologist, yoga teacher, acupuncturist or practice other wellness practitioner and want to incorporate the power of sound into your practice
  • YOU are ready to seriously invest in your inner and outer transformation using sound as your guru

This program will prepare you to facilitate sessions in any environment with confidence and ease.

In this course, you will benefit and learn from 30+ years of musical development and sound healing experience. Topics will include:

  • The theory, science and practice of what sound healing is and how it is evolving Deep listening - the continuous process
  • The instruments of sound healing and why they are used in sound meditation sessions including best places for purchase
  • How to design and build a sound meditation set-up that truly inspires you
  • The physics and acoustics of sound and tapping into the unique resonance of each space you work in
  • How to conduct group and private sessions including the energetics behind how to ‘hold space’ and bring a state of equilibrium into the field for all
  • Musicianship and music theory concepts that are integral to this work
  • Sound, Consciousness and Mysticism
  • The different ways you can collaborate with other wellness modalities to create ‘multisensory’ meditations
  • How to integrate audio and music technology into your practice to create ‘plugged sets’
  • Acoustic sound meditation design vs. electronic sound meditation design
  • Tons of resources and ideas for starting your own practice and enhancing your current practice
  • How to design and share your own sound protocol
  • The business of sound meditation
  • Wisdom and approaches from guest practitioners
  • And more!

This mentorship offers a multi-disciplinary approach to sound combining the studies of music, psychology, spirituality, science, physics, mysticism, event production and business to craft your sound meditation transformational program and offering.

Apply for Private or Group Fall 2024 Mentorship

Your Sound Meditation Transformation…

After the completion of the mentorship you will…

  • Feel comfortable facilitating sound meditations in any space or format with a group or 1-on-1
  • Have the most comprehensive viewpoint on the key aspects of this vibrational healing work
  • Be able to play a variety of sound healing instruments with complete confidence
  • Have leveled up your musicianship skills so you can play with sensitivity and supreme musiciality in this unique space
  • Have an in depth understanding how of powerful this work is and how to translate the potency of it as you take it out into your community
  • Know how to build your own sonic healing protocol and brand to start facilitating sessions right away
  • Have an intimate understanding about how sound affects the mind, body and spirit
  • Completely fall in love with healing sounds!

Your High Vibrational Content

  • Over 100 recorded video lectures, workshops, meditations and Q & A sessions on a private website for your study and review
  • Weekly live lecture and Q & A session on the Modules
  • Vocal Meditation Practice Sessions
  • 1 Guided Sound Meditation per Month with Lynda
  • 1 private 30 minute session with Lynda to assist with your learning and keep you on track towards your goals
  • Tons of resources, books, research and websites for continued study
  • Certificate of Completion with Final Sound Meditation Project
  • Devotional Voice Course Included
  • 4 Month in Sonic Oasis Sanga included

**Live Lecture Sessions will be scheduled Wednesday and Fridays at 11am PST and Devotional Voice Practice Sessions & Live Sound Meditations will be on Sundays at 11am PST.  All class recordings are posted on the website. Fall class schedule will be provided at the beginning of September, before our first class on September 13th.


Dennis and Kathy Lang

This Sound Meditation Design (SMD) course has expanded our capabilities on multiple levels. As co-teachers of yoga, meditation and mindfulness, we integrate live sound and vibration in our practices, workshops and events. This course has enhanced our musicality, instrument choice and instrument mix, venue adaptation, as well as strengthened our knowledge and use of audio technology for the best deep listening experience for our attendees. This course is an absolute must for those interested in Sound Meditation or for those experienced practitioners looking to improve their knowledge and offerings.

Liana De La Rosa

Lynda is an amazing mentor and such an inspiring musical healer. I LOVED the journey she took us on and I honestly didn't want it to end. She was so generous with all her amazing resources and has so much experience and such an impressive musical background. I am forever grateful for all the guidance, the teachings and support she gave me through the sound meditation design process. I truly feel blessed that I had the opportunity to work with Lynda and I can honestly say, she helped me gain the confidence I needed to continue on this path.

Carlos Militante

As a musician and creator this class was the perfect remedy to my curiosity of what sound meditation was all about. I was looking for a deeper intention to my music and what I found was so much more. It’s not only helped with music but with my overall creative process. The reframing of sound meditation as a design made so much sense to me and has resonated in my approach. From science and music theory to the elements, chakras, ragas and intention of each instrument, Lynda has done an amazing job covering all the bases of sound meditation. I highly recommend beginners or seasoned vets looking for more meaning to their craft to take this class. Suuuper grateful and glad to have taken this.. and also to have plugged in to this community.

Stephanie Nicholas 

Lynda is an amazing teacher and artist who is full of knowledge to share regarding so many aspects of sound meditation design. I feel more confident in creating sound journeys and believe the course was well rounded in terms of theory and practice. I feel like I’m more on track after this course and feel more confident with designing sessions, choosing instruments, using devotional voice, understanding the benefits and being more in tune with the audience.

Why Work With Me?

Here’s what I want you to know about the level of my work and how I’m unlike every other coach out there... Not every coach has—

  • 20 + years of real world, proven experience in the sound healing arts as a facilitator, speaker, performer and coach to thousands of people
  • The innate ability assist people in defining their musical and healing practice in accordance with their unique wisdom and gifts
  • Multi-faceted experience in music production, event & ceremony creation, musical coaching, energy healing, musical mastery and community building
  • Facilitated sessions for thousands of people and seen the powerful effects of this work time and time again
  • 30 years experience teaching music to people of all ages, genders, backgrounds and cultures
  • Collaborative expert and artistic director of the most potent medicine music women's ensemble on the planet, the Sonic Devas Divine Feminine Sound Meditation Experience
  • A beginners mind … meaning I am an eternal student who is always researching, experimenting and discovering new ways to transmit this work

About Lynda Arnold

Lynda Arnold, founder of Sonic Devas Divine Feminine Sound Meditation Experience, is a Sound Meditation Facilitator, Vocalist & Multi-Instrumentalist, Composer, Producer and seasoned Performer on a life long mission to build healthy communities through the power of sound and music.

She offers sound healing workshops, private sound baths, singing for wellness sessions at some of the top meditation and yoga studios in Los Angeles and beyond. Lynda Arnold has led thousands of private and group sessions over the past 10 years in every conceivable environment and format. She is a true explorer of sound and dedicated to the cause of using music and sound in an intentional way to bring homeostasis, shifts and transformation to peoples’ lives.

Lynda has appeared and collaborated at Earthdance, Shift Network, Chopra Foundation, Etheridge Island, Bhakti Fest, Alex Grey’s Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, Donna Karen’s Urban Zen, Mindvalley LA Live, LA Yoga Expo, DisclosureFest, SXSW, Lightning in a Bottle Festival, UNICEF Events, Burning Man and Lucidity Festival among others. Her intention is to provide a gateway for people to reduce stress, transform consciousness and heal through sound and meditation.

She received a Certificate in ‘Sound, Voice and Music Healing’ at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco in 2010, has multiple music degrees and over 30 years of music education and performing experience.


Next Group Mentorship:  Fall 2024


Limited spots are available for Private Mentorship in the First Half of 2024.  Please Book a Call to find out more about the private mentorship program.


Apply for Private or Group Fall 2024 Mentorship

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Vocal Exercises for Meditation!


Think of the Sound Healing journey as an exploration into sound. There is not ONE way to facilitate. Throughout your process, it is encouraged to try many different sounds and ways of expression to find peace and inner stillness. Vocal Toning is an amazing addition to add your personal and professional practice. 

Our voice is the most creative and musical instrument we have access to. It has great power to touch our lives and the lives of others. The more we learn to link the use of breath, mind and voice- the greater our own power in life. The human voice conveys who you are through a unique combination of rhythm, melody, timbre and dynamics. It not only reveals who you are, it reveals the sphere or plane you draw your greatest energy from. 

Vocal Toning is similar to tuning an instrument. We are tuning our energy to resonate with our most authentic selves. Humming has the potential to ground and calm the body, through humming the "Home Note". The body's core sound. Chakra Vowel Toning connects us to the different energy centers of the body for emotional release and attunement. 

Try these simple vocal practices in the morning or evening and see how you feel!

Learn more about our Flagship Course - DEVOTIONAL VOICE