Yoga of Piano Introductory Class

Demystify the keyboard with simple exercises designed to unlock your inner musician 

with Lynda Arnold


December 15th @ 11 am PST

A Brand New Way to Approach the Keyboard!


After almost 25 years of coaching thousands of piano students, I've certainly seen it all. I've learned that the traditional way of learning the piano doesn't always work for everyone and sometimes it's best to guide students on a path to finding their own way of approaching the instrument and their own music.

In this class, you will ignite (or rekindle) your love for the piano through a series of improvisational playing meditations and a little dose of music theory to help you find your way around the keyboard by tapping into your intuition and experiencing a freedom to explore. We will go over the scope of the upcoming class starting in January as well. 

We will Cover:

  • My journey from classically trained musician to improviser
  • How my practice of sound healing & meditation influences my playing now
  • The geography of the keyboard
  • Meditative playing exercises
  • Basic music theory and musicianship concepts
  • ... and more!

Dust off that piano or keyboard not matter what shape or size it's in and join me!

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