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Connect with yourself through the Native Flute and Become One with your Musical Muse

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The native flute is one of the most accessible instruments to play – for sound healing, self-expression, mindfulness, prayer, breath work, connection to nature and Spirit, and personal transformation. Anthropological records note the flute as the oldest known musical instrument, dating back over 40,000 years – the earliest version made of animal bone.

When we connect our breath, intention, and emotions through the flute and tell our story with spontaneous song, we connect to the lineage of the endless melody of this sound current passed down for generations. Learn this instrument to uplift yourself and those around you so we can continue to heal and evolve. This is one of the great musical tools of sound healing and ceremonial music!

In this 4-week online introductory class you will:

  • Play the native flute with ease
  • Learn key music theory concepts
  • Work on proper diaphragm and breath support
  • Discover the 5 note pentatonic scale of the native flute - No Wrong Notes!
  • Connect to the elements nature through the flute
  • Play with rhythm and drone accompaniments
  • Become comfortable with improvising
  • Learn how this instrument is used in ceremonies and sound meditations
  • Develop your musicianship for your own enjoyment as well as become comfortable playing for and with others
  • Compose or improvise your own soul song and share it with the group
  • Resources for flutes and further study
  • All class recordings and resources will be available to you in a secure online portal


About your Native Flute Guide Lynda and her Relationship to the Flute…

Lynda has been playing flutes since age 10 starting with classical flute training and ensemble playing with master flutists for 12 years. After college training, she expanded into improvising in various styles from dance music to jazz to meditative music, exploring her own songwriting and composition styles. She then found a home in the world of sound healing, world music and meditation music and began to weave a tapestry of sounds that connected with the mind, body and spirit. She fell in love with creating soundscapes and telling a story through different sounds. The Native Flute is an extension of this journey into sacred sound that continues to unfold 35 years into Lynda’s relationship to the flute.

The Native Flute is part of the elements of nature. It is connected to the birds, the trees, the plants, the air, and the earth. Through mindful playing and exploration, we become connected to everything! This is the power of being a music creator of sacred sound.

This video is part of the new moon sound journey performance from the Sacred Sound of the Soul Gallery in Encinitas.  Lynda layers her different bass ocarina and native flutes with a forest soundscape.


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