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Are you ready to dig into the exciting world of music production? Are you frustrated by the complexity of setting up your own studio and have no idea where to start?

You’ve come to the right place.

Welcome to Get Amplified Online Course 

Get Ready to Demystify the Art of Music Production and Let your Creations Fly Free!

This 2 part course will give you the tools and information you need to record your own music and share it with the world in whatever way you choose. There are many paths to get the result you want and Lynda will break the process down for you step by step so you can feel confident creating, bypassing hours of technical frustration that gets in the way of the creative process. Give the left brain a dose of step by step process information so you can sail and let the right brain take over. In addition, you will learn how to share these creations live via streaming or live performance and how to weave in your own acoustic instrumentation.

This course is specifically for those of you in the sound healing arts, meditative music and medicine circles looking to expand your offerings and become a more tech savvy artist and facilitator. This class is of course open to anyone looking to record and produce music with modern digital production tools. The benefit of the online format is joining from the command station of your home studio set-up (which can be basic to start), where you will be able to apply all the knowledge right away. The online group format is a perfect way to learn with others and build relationships with like minds and souls. All classes are recorded and housed on a secure website where you can watch lectures as many times as you wish and add questions or comments for others to learn as well.

Get Amplified Part 1 Course - Recording Studio Set-Up and Ableton Live Software Basics


If you are starting from ground zero or just want a basic refresher join this course. We will be covering:

  • Setting up Your Recording Studio and Signal Flow - Hardware/Software, etc
  • Ableton Live Basics and Sound Sourcing - Pull in Sounds, Loops and Samples
  • Audio Recording in Clip and Session View and Using Microphones Correctly
  • Working with Software Instruments and Effects
  • Arranging, Editing, Mixing and Automation Basics
  • Performing your creations - using controllers and live performance approaches
  • Live Streaming Lab Focus

Get Amplified Part 2 Course - Meditative Music Production and Performance using Ableton Live

Your knowledge from Part 1 will be reinforced as you begin to make your own creations. If you are comfortable with the basics of producing music with Ableton Live join us for this next level composition class where we will be focusing on creating tracks. This course will focus on meditative styles like ambient, downtempo/chill, guided meditation, making drones, sampling instruments, recording live instrumentation and creating your own unique music beds. The goal is for you to finish some tracks you can release, play live over and feel proud about! Sourcing sounds and knowing how to bring them into effective arrangements is part of the art I love to share with you. You will have some weeks to work on polishing your creations at the end of June during our compositional share lab.

Recommended gear to get started:

Mac Laptop or Desktop running Ableton Live Standard edition, 1 Microphone (either USB or any dynamic/condenser mic plugged into audio interface), audio interface, headphones or monitor speakers. A keyboard controller and/or APC MKII for controlling aspects of the software. Recommended gear list below: 

Recommended Gear List: Divasonic Music Academy Gear List Recommendations

About Lynda 

Lynda Arnold has spent over two decades recording, producing and performing her own music as well as collaborating with other notable artists. She has spent countless hours troubleshooting, experimenting, learning, creating, failing, succeeding and persevering to get to this point and she is still learning! Lynda has a knack for breaking down the production process into simple steps you can follow so you have a solid foundation to move forward from. Notable performance, production and sound healing projects include: Recording and performing with the Desert Dwellers, KSHMR, DJ Sol Rising, Lucent Dossier’s ‘Human Initiation.Project’, Melissa Etheridge Island, Donna Karen’s Urban Zen sound meditation series and directing an all woman ensemble of sound meditation facilitators and musicians called Sonic Devas. In addition, Lynda is continuing to release music under her artist name Divasonic adding to an extensive catalog of music albums, singles and collaborative releases since 2000 you can find on subscription music sites and her bandcamp page.

Our Offer

Receive 2 Months of Private Coaching to achieve your music production and live streaming goals using Ableton Live.


You will have access to the full Get Amplified recorded class lectures plus resources that you can review and study at your own pace with access for 6 months.


For 8 Weeks you will have access to a 1 Hour weekly private coaching session with Lynda to help you stay on track, troubleshoot your recording studio set-up and become comfortable with using the Ableton Live software to make your productions.


When you register, you can schedule you first session with Lynda and get started right away!

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